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What's New in MYP Next Chapter?

Learn more about the timeline for key changes and how they are supported in ManageBac:

MYP Next Chapter:
Implementation time on ManageBac?

1. Global Contexts

In place of Areas of Interaction

  • Scientific and Technical Innovation

  • Personal and cultural expression

  • Orientation in Space and Time

  • Identities and Relationships

  • Globalization and Sustainability

  • Fairness and Development
Sep 2013

2. Inquiry Questions & Statement of Inquiry

In place of the MYP Unit Question

Set your Statement of Inquiry and add Lines of Inquiry together with Teacher Questions under three categories:

Sep 2013

3. Key & Related Concepts

In place of significant concepts

  • Change

  • Communication

  • Communities

  • Connections

  • Creativity

  • Culture

  • Development

  • Form

  • Global interaction

  • Identity

  • Logic

  • Perspective

  • Relationships

  • Systems

  • Time, place and space

  • Aesthetics
Sep 2013

4. Approaches to Learning

Revised with the new AtL Skill Categories

AtL Skill Categories MYP AtL Skill Clusters
Communication I. Communication
Social II. Collaboration
Self Management III. Organisation
IV. Affective
V. Reflection
Research VI. Information Literacy
VII. Media Literacy
Thinking VIII. Critical Thinking
IX. Creative Thinking
X. Transfer
Sep 2013

5. New Unit Planners

The new online unit planner reflects the key MYP Next Chapter components (e.g. Global contexts, key & related concepts, etc.) from September 2013 and the PDF export will be revised in December 2013 to reflect the final planner template as released by the IB.

Dec 2013

6. New Subject Guides: Objectives & Assessment Criteria

All existing summative & formative assessment tasks together with resources will carry forward into MYP Next Chapter seamlessly and will be available via Add Resources and the Subject Library.

Current Subject Groups MYP Next Chapter
Language A Language and literature
Language B Language acquisition
Humanities Individuals and societies
Technology Design
Physical Education Physical and health education

Subject group names together with assessment criteria & objectives within the planners and gradebook will be updated in July 2014 before the start of the academic year and will be effective for all classes created after August 1, 2014.

When copying over an old assessment task, you will be prompted to update the assessment criteria. Similarly for old unit plans, you will be prompted to indicate the global context, key & related concepts and statement of inquiry.

Assessment & reporting for the 2013-2014 academic year will remain the same with the old subject guides and with the grade boundaries provided in the MYP Coordinator's Handbook for 2013-2014.

July 2014

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